A documentary about defending the indefensible

Barrister David Hooper says everyone deserves a decent defence, even someone accused of war crimes. His favourite client - and friend - is Congolese militia leader Germain Katanga who was convicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague of supplying the weapons used in a horrific massacre in the Congolese village of Bogoro.


But David sees a good man when he looks at Germain, one who is genuinely sorry for what he has done and wants to make amends with the traumatised villagers.


That won't happen any time soon. Germain was released early and was immediately charged by the Congolese government with new war crimes. The ICC is cooperating with this prosecution despite the shortcomings of the local judicial systems which mean Germain is unlikely to get a fair trial and faces the death penalty if convicted.


Produced by Mosaic Films and directed by Lisa Clifford, this story of a charismatic British lawyer and his Congolese warlord client demonstrates the shortcomings of an international court which has failed in its promise to deliver peace through justice to a troubled country.


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© 2016 by Lisa Clifford

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